Things To Know Before Buying A Used Car

Things To Know Before Buying A Used Car
Buying a Used Car
Wednesday, 22 December, 2021


If you’re on the hunt for used cars for sale, there are several factors you should consider. Buying a used car is not just about having a great-looking vehicle at an affordable price, saving a big chunk of money or avoiding a hefty loss when reselling - as is the case with new cars - it could likely signal the start of a long journey of hassles and problems. That being said, here are the most important things to note before making a purchase:

1.Compare the car price against the market

After finding a car that meets your needs and matches your budget, make sure the asking price is consistent with the average prices of similar car options in the market by comparing offers at showrooms and via popular car selling websites. If you want to buy a used car from a dealer, not the owner, verify their reputation, credibility and integrity.

2.Check the history of the used car

It’s best to choose a car previously owned by just one or two individuals while avoiding those used for ride-hailing apps or public transportation. While you could possibly get the car at a lower price, you may end up frequently visiting maintenance centers and wasting valuable money, time and effort. For this reason, you should conduct a comprehensive vehicle history report to better understand how it was formerly used, odometer readings, prior accidents, and whether the car is salvage registered, among other aspects.

3.Perform an initial inspection

Inspecting a car in broad daylight or under strong lighting is always better than at night when flaws may be concealed. Closely examine the car’s exterior, paint color and condition, engine compartment and interiors, and don’t forget to try the buttons and switches to make sure they are functioning. Most importantly, spot the car’s mileage, which is an excellent indicator of its current status, as high mileage means most parts require maintenance or their lifespans have expired.

4.Perform a technical inspection

The initial car inspection is not enough - you must also have a reliable inspection center check on the engine and main parts, fluids and oils, electrical systems, lights, heating, ventilation and air conditioning system, wipers, window lifters, etc. There, a car diagnostic test is also performed to assess the technical condition of systems and actual distance traveled.

5.Take the car for a test drive

Going on a test drive before buying a car serves two purposes. Firstly, it ensures its technical integrity and the absence of any electrical or mechanical problems. Secondly, it helps you determine whether you actually enjoy driving the car and if its performance meets your requirements and expectations.

When driving, try different terrains such as asphalt, unpaved and mountainous, and be sure to drive at varying speeds, slow to fast, to test the brake and steering systems and transmission. Make sure the car is stable and not swerving on the road while braking and that there are no unusual sounds emitted. Lastly, use the AC, wipers and internal and external car lights to confirm they work.

6.View the regular maintenance log

Regular maintenance logs are an important indicator of how well or poorly a used car was cared for. Take a close look and show them to an auto expert to get an estimate of the costs awaiting you at the next scheduled maintenance appointment.

7.Complete the purchase

After choosing the car you like and testing its technical integrity, check the registration, licensing and insurance documents, and make sure there are no legal impediments, current loans or traffic tickets. To complete the purchase, read the contract carefully and understand its details before signing. If you’re buying the car in installments, you must inquire about all matters related to the interest rate, down payment, date of the first installment, payment method, number and duration of installments and total price of the car. Above all, you must finalize the process legally and safely at the designated government authority.

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