Service Center

The only trusted place for ensuring your vehicle is in safe hands, our service centers offer you:

  • Highly trained and qualified teams of expert engineers and technicians
  • Advanced facilities equipped with cutting-edge devices and inspection equipment
  • Top-quality original spare parts that guarantee the reliability and safety of your vehicle

Key services provided at our authorized service centers:

  • Service pre-booking

To receive the service you need at your convenience and at the facility closest to you, you have the option to book your maintenance appointment in advance by contacting the service center of your choice directly at 06-550-8080.

  • Periodic maintenance (preventive)

Your vehicle will undergo a comprehensive inspection by Markazia’s certified technicians - according to a schedule specifying times of periodic maintenance - to not exceed the 10,000 km or one-year marks, whichever comes first. Conducting regular maintenance as recommended by the manufacturer upholds the performance of your vehicle and presents you with the chance to enjoy multiple benefits and rewards granted by the different loyalty programs we offer our customers.

  • Auto body and paint

We deliver auto body and paint services using the latest innovative systems and advanced technologies such as nano-ceramic coating, paint primer and polish, heat-sensitive paint, sanding, dry paint and others that allow for speedy maintenance and restore your vehicle to its original pristine state.

  • General maintenance

We offer all types of maintenance and repairs for your vehicle in the occurrence of abrupt malfunctions or during periodic (preventive) inspections.

  • On-spot maintenance

If your vehicle faces any sudden faults, you can have it repaired immediately to spare yourself the hassle of commuting. All you need to do is contact us at 06-5508080 - after which a team of professional technicians equipped with the required tools will arrive at your location to complete the repairs onsite.

  • Maintenance contract programs

We extend prepaid maintenance contracts at great rates that cover a specified period of time or kilometers.

Benefits of maintenance contracts:

  • Reduced maintenance prices
  • Fixed rates for repair costs and spare part prices covering the contract’s validity period
  • Protection from manufacturer warranty cancellation
  • Transferable; thus contributing to boosting the resale value of your vehicle

For more information, please contact one of our maintenance consultants at Markazia’s authorized service centers.



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