GR 86

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GR 86

Toyota GR 86 - Design


Stand out with the 86’s sleek silhouette design, further defined by its 2000GT-inspired window profile. Relish the modern, crisp lines and surfaces shaped with hand-formed elegance.


An advanced sports engine regulates the Toyota 86’s drive power. It was created by combining next-generation D4-S technology with a boxer engine. Displaying a smooth acceleration feel and faithful response to the pedal operation, this engine into which we put long development efforts provides a feeling of “being under your own power” 

Toyota GR 86 - Technology


Let Toyota 86 ignite your passion for driving. The ultra-low centre of gravity and powerful handling delivers a truly ground hugging driving experience.


Explore the limits of thrill without sacrificing stability. Toyota 86 assures superior safety features for your driving pleasure.

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